Red Rocks amphitheater


One of the most noteworthy cairns in the midwestern United States. This cairn is of particular fame as it was successfully integrated as a public venue for performance. The regular events at the theater as well as the attraction of the site for hiking and workout have enhanced the gnostic power and projection of the spiritual node.

Perched on the edge of the Rocky Mountains it is a well known portal for conveyance to virtually anywhere along that mountain range. It is also shares a strong sympathetic binding with Venice, Italy. The causes of this relationship are hotly contested in some circles but obviously have no bearing in geologic or other traditional similarities.

The hero associated with the evolution, protection and understanding of Red Rocks was George Cranmer, the director of Parks and Recreation for Denver under the Stapleton administration. Cranmer, a Child of Gaea, was also perhaps the only noteworthy Philodox to ever come out of the American Midwest. The brilliant construction of the theater is an accomplishment second only to convincing the Wendigo stewards of the location to let the development happen.

Red Rocks amphitheater

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