Derek Miller

Glasswalker Homid Ragabash


Name: Derek Miller

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Bone: Glasswalker

Early thirty’s. Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. 6’ 3" 190lbs.


Derek was raised by his single human father. His mother and father had been dating for a few months before she became pregnant. Dereks mother left when he was 6 weeks old. She went out to buy groceries and never return. He has been able to keep the secret from his father. In high school the girl he could never keep his eyes off of turned out to be a member of a Glass Walker pack. She lifted the veil and showed him the world as it really is. It wasn’t until he was in his early twenties when he was adopted by the pack. He has been accepted by the other pack members but is still an outsider because of his late entry into garou society. He works as a lead fabricator at an industrial design firm. His pack has utilized his talents as a maker to repair and build them gadgets, toys and unconventional weapons. His dream is to show all the tribes that technology is another gift given to them to fight the wyrm. Just as with anything it can be used for evil but he sees the potential power it holds. He is not great at multi tasking and can become very focused on a task almost to an obsessive point. He is loyal to those that prove they’re loyal. He will protect and defend most humans, even from other werewolfs. He is willing to bend and break the laws of man and garou to help the greater good.

Derek Miller

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