Ylva Ralphina

Ylva is the apprentice Theurge for the Raven's Nest tribe



Ylva was born in southeastern Colorado in a secret lupine enclave of the Raven’s Nest tribe. She was raised wolf and didn’t begin to utilize her human form until well into her adolescence. She finds human customs confusing and often ridiculous. Human speech is not her native tongue, though all members of her tribe are taught to speak it.

She spends most of her time in her native form, preferring to speak her native tongue. She is often required to venture into the State capitol to further the interests of her tribe but finds the city confining and uncomfortable. She often seeks the solace of the small remaining wild places near the city to recharge and reconnect.



At a young age Ylva evidenced a strong affinity for both the Umbra and communing with spirits. As she grew she became plagued with visits from the animal spirits of the past. She received visions in dreams, and was often distracted by communications from the spirit world. The ability to connect to the plains ancestral spirits is highly valued in her tribe, as messages are often sent to each other through the spirit realm, so she was sent to train with the tribal Theurge. As apprentice Theurge, she has been given the honor of guarding the tribe’s secondary home preserve Raven’s Nest.

Ylva lives amongst the wildlife present on her preserves, only venturing into neighboring towns to procure supplies for the protection of the land. She maintains and repairs the preserves border fences, patrols the borders, scares off human intruders, and works to restore the eco-system to provide for the wolf packs. She rarely communicates with non-animals. She occasionally leads groups of visitors through small parts of the property for fundraising purposes.

Unlike most Black Fury tribes, the Raven’s Nest tribe considers the commonly held hatred toward men to be a distraction from the true cause of the Garou, the protection, preservation, and recovery of land from mankind. The tribe is ferociously dedicated to saving Gaia from the stain and spread of the Wyrm and views humans as the Wyrm’s most damaging weapon. The tribe has very little positive regard for humans, only forming alliances with those who seek to preserve and protect the land as well. In their experience, human women number more highly among those seeking that protection. Through fundraising efforts, lobbying, and volunteer efforts, the Raven’s Nest tribe grows the acreage of their preserves yearly. Their ultimate goal is to return all of the shortgrass prairie to its original glory.

Ylva Ralphina

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