Finnian Draufganger

Bone Gnawer Metis Ahron


Name: Finnian Draufganger

Breed: Metis
Auspice: Ahron
Tribe: Bone Gnawers

Mutation: horned. (two small horns protrude from to either side and just above the forehead.

Early thirties, Long white hair, pale blue eyes. unkept beard and mustache, Often dressed in a pea cap, with a large hoodie. His white hair hangs down across either side of his chest. Old worn BDU pants, with old beat-up hiking boots. In the winter hes known to wear a ratty grey scarf and a oversized pea coat.

He stands about 5’8” 200lbs.

Finnian has become disillusioned with Garou society, politics, and the world in general. He doesn’t give a rats ass about the battle against the Wurm, the madness of the Weaver, or the dying Wyld.
He lives in a make shift tent in a back ally lot, among other homeless and destitute.
He considers these others his responsibility and he will go to great lengths to make sure everyone has food and water, a safe place to sleep and warmth.
Any transgressors are dealt with harshly.

A legend has crept up around this area of a Great savage white coyote with horns that will attack and kill anyone not welcome. Drug dealers, gang members, even some too nosy security guards have all gone missing. Later bits of people have been found, in dumpsters, and sewers.

As long as he and those he protects are left in peace to live out their lives as best they may, he leaves others alone. often being reclusive and quiet.

He morns the death of his mother and father, who while outcast by the Garou, loved and cared for him till he was a young teen. His father was killed by another tribe of Garou, and his mother was gravely injured when trying to protect him and others in a fire.

He doesn’t know why he looks after the homeless. But its what he has come to do. he hates bullies, and those who think their station makes them superior to others.
He is happy to show that all animals can bleed and fear.

he will occasionally go to a boxing ring and take part in amateur bouts. The money he gains from these he uses to gain food, medical supplies, and clothing for his charges. 
He will not tolerate drug use, and he does his best to get people off booze. He doesn’t consider beer a sin, but over indulgence in heavier booze will anger him.


Finnian Draufganger

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